2imagine for City Branding: Empower Your Communication Teams

2imagine Government

Co-create & collaborate online on your city’s branding.

2imagine Business

Online co-creation, collaboration & automation, integrated with your PIM & DAM system.

2imagine Brand Portal

Collaborate & edit online Adobe InDesign documents

2imagine Pulse Automation

Automate Adobe InDesign documents online from your PIM & DAM system


What is 2imagine for local government?

2imagine offers a unique Cloud solution, tailored to each city and municipality, to manage, collaborate and produce your marketing & communication materials. We increase the engagement of your colleagues, with attention to branding, efficiency, and productivity.

Cities & municipalities

Communication teams of hospitals, intercommunales, cities and municipalities are empowered to co-create and edit documents, designs, and branding materials starting from Adobe InDesign templates. Use SSO or connect with your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, ensuring that the content and assets used in communication projects are organized, consistent, and easily accessible.

By utilizing 2imagine, local government agencies can streamline their design processes, enhance collaboration among team members, and ensure that their branding and communication materials are up-to-date and well-coordinated.

What we do

All-in-one cloud platform


Smart Adobe InDesign templates.

Share templates with dynamic rules to guarantee on-brand online editing. Organize templates per department with roles and permissions. Output for professional print, office printers, and online social publishing.


Workflow and online collaboration.

Workflows manage the approved publishing of documents, created by each department. Share annotations during revisions.


All in one subscription.

No Adobe CC is needed. No graphic training is required. No software is to be installed. Self-service: manage all your templates, documents, and permissions. A yearly subscription tailored to the size of your city or government.

Cloud brand management for cities & government


For education, this type of platform can offer similar benefits. Here are some potential advantages and implications for education:

Efficiency in Content Creation

Collaboration Among Education Teams

Consistency in Branding and Materials

Accessibility and Material Organization

Simpler Management of Revisions

Enhanced Student Engagement

Cost and Time Savings

Support for Online Education

Health officials

For health officials a platform like 2imagine can offer several advantages and implications:

Efficient Information Management

Collaboration among Healthcare Teams

Uniformity in Communication

Effective Training and Education

Regulatory Compliance

Data Privacy and Security

Remote Collaboration

Efficient Content Approval

Crisis Management and Communication

Resource Optimization


Why do I need 2imagine Government?

From no branding to a clear recognizable brand…

From demotivation to the empowerment of all your colleagues…

From scattered information systems to one portal…

From outsourcing to company-owned…

Online collaboration, co-creation, and approval on all Adobe InDesign documents without the need for Adobe apps...

"Thanks to 2imagine template software, each employee can select professional templates and create their own design, completely in line with our corporate identity."

Yven Schoofs

Head of Communications and City Marketing

City of Lanaken

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