2imagine Business: Versatile Document Automation for Any System

2imagine Business

Automation, online co-creation & collaboration, integrated with your specific ERP, PIM & DAM systems.

2imagine Government

Co-create & collaborate online on your city’s branding.

2imagine Brand Portal

Collaborate & edit online Adobe InDesign documents

2imagine Pulse Automation

Automate Adobe InDesign documents online from your PIM & DAM system

All-in-one & integrated

2imagine Business is a cloud service for companies and brands who want to increase efficiency in the production of print and online marketing assets, with the content of their specific PIM, ERP & DAM solutions.

International Companies

Manufactoring, pharma, oil & gas industries benefit from 2imagine Business offers and implications:

Efficient and powerful marketing assets creation

Enhanced collaboration between teams

Enhanced self-service for customers and local marketers

Consistent (sub)branding

Independent of specific PIM, DAM, ERP or headless systems

Personalization and localization at scale

Product sheets, brochures, POS, catalogs, stationary,..

Controlled automation processes

Reduced dependency on external agencies

Cost Saving

Shorter Time-to-Market


All-in-one cloud platform


Smart Adobe InDesign templates.

Create templates with placeholders for your PIM (and DAM) content. Paginate in batch 1000’s print-ready PDF documents. Dynamic rules guarantee on-brand online editing and collaboration.


Workflow and online collaboration.

 Create online the flatplan for your promotion brochures.
Place products from your (integrated) PIM system on the pages. Add instructions and comments. Assign pages to colleagues for review and approval. Collaborate and edit online. Design studio can download and finalize in Adobe CC.


Automate marketing productions.

Optimize the marketing production with the best design automation, proofing, and workflows. Create product datasheets in all languages 100% automated and triggered from your PIM content status. From your inriver PIM channel, complete Adobe InDesign catalogs, and datasheets are created.

Efficiently manage InDesign documents and marketing production workflows in one platform, integrated with your PIM system.


For the manufacturing industry, this can mean the following and offer several advantages:

Efficient Production and Design Processes

Collaboration Among Teams

Consistency in Branding and Design

Centralized Resource Management

Efficient Document Creation

Improved Product Visualization

Enhanced Internal Communication

Easy Access to Digital Assets

Faster Market Launch

Cost Savings

Oil & lubrificants

For the oil and lubricants industry, the mentioned platform can hold several implications and advantages:

Efficient Marketing and Communication

Collaboration among Distributed Teams

Uniform Brand Representation

Centralized Asset Management

Quick Adaptation to Regulatory Changes

Enhanced Product Visualizations

Streamlined Content Approval

Efficient Collaboration with Partners

Cost and Time Savings

Responsive Campaigns


For the electro sector, the mentioned platform can hold several implications and advantages:

Efficient Product Marketing

Collaboration across Teams

Uniform Branding

Centralized Asset Management

Quick Adaptation to Industry Trends

Improved Product Documentation

Effective Collaboration with Suppliers

Efficient Regulatory Compliance

Cost and Time Savings

Responsive Marketing Campaigns

Why do I need 2imagine Business?

No more bottlenecks at your design studio…

Efficient, online solution for creating promotion brochures integrated with your PIM system…

Save time and scale retail content creation in an automated way…

Create and edit your Adobe InDesign documents online - without the Adobe CC app…

Online collaboration, co-creation, and approval on all Adobe InDesign documents.

“2imagine Business and Pulse fit very well in our marketing production process. Our stores need up-to-date POS material, with all specifications of our large product range”

Niels Denolf

Teamlead activatie marketing

Juntoo & Exterioo

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