Automate retail content production in Sales Layer PIM, by using 2imagine Pulse

Sales Layer PIM, your central place for your product data

PIM stands for Product Information Management, defining the process of managing all the information necessary to market products through the various distribution channels. A centralized repository where all the essential information on each product can be found: identification code, name, description, measurements, weight, variants (such as colors, sizes, models, etc.), photos, videos, reviews, and related products - in various languages. It centralizes the complete product catalog of a company or economic group, whether it is a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer. Sales Layer PIM is the most user-friendly PIM platform that gives you access to product intelligence for a more remarkable customer experience.

Sales Layer PIM
Sales Layer PIM

The need for automating POS material for retail - print & online

Retailers manage large quantities of products in their sales offers. Aside from catalogs and datasheets, retail shops require product posters, commercial offers, price labels,… to name a few. Not only print but also digital content needs to be produced.

One of Retail and Brands' major challenges is to create and scale Marketing content.

  • Faster go-to-market to out-market competition
  • The challenge is producing creative content at scale fast
  • The challenge is to customize all this creative content … to localize for each of your markets

Producing this large quantity of creative graphics and documents poses a serious challenge for creative departments. To avoid the graphic designer becoming a bottleneck, software solutions are needed.

Solutions for scaling creative content creation. Solutions to automate the production of documents with product content, stored in PIM and DAM systems. Solutions to personalize the documents and graphics depending on the retail store preferences.

And this solution needs to fit into the current software architecture and workflow of the retail marketer and designers. Retail organizations are using PIM systems for managing product data, in combination with Adobe Creative Cloud for creative output.

Automate content creation for print and digital

2imagine Pulse frees graphics and marketing teams from repetitive tasks. Pulse enables graphic production teams to produce content variants on a large scale from a Cloud platform integrated into the existing Martech stack.

Whether you focus on B2B or B2C, your content needs will always increase, and thus you will need to plan to scale product content. With this increasing need comes the demand for high-quality content that can meet different customer needs and remain relevant.

2imagine Pulse configuration
2imagine Pulse configuration

Marketers spend a lot of time reaching out to different departments to get all the data and assets needed to launch a campaign. Here, a single-source platform enabled with API-driven architecture can help automate the creation, management, and transfer of product data assets and information between departments seamlessly and on time. Furthermore, organizations and their marketing teams can also:

  • Promote products across multiple touchpoints such as websites, print catalogs, brochures, marketplaces, data exchanges, stores, sales teams, and more 
  • Implement strict product data quality standards and compliance policies consistently across the product chain for quality campaigning and promotion. 
  • Consolidate business intelligence or insights derived from multiple customer-delivery channels for further enhancements in future product campaigns. 
2imagine Pulse reporting and configuration interface
2imagine Pulse reporting and configuration interface

Requirements for a scalable content creation system


Use smart Adobe InDesign templates, your current default creation tool, to save cost, and eliminate time-consuming repetitive tasks. The plugin Easycatalog guarantees the synchronization of PIM product data with the content in the InDesign document. Upload these templates in 2imagine Pulse. Now they are ready to be populated with product data - driven by automated triggered processes, or manual interventions by stakeholders who do not have a graphic designer degree or even the Adobe Creative Cloud installed!


The Adobe InDesign templates and documents are managed from a simple web browser. No Adobe InDesign is needed, and no graphic training! Documents can be edited in a browser - but are restricted to your Brand Identity Guidelines.


Your retail POS documents are created by a triggered process. This trigger can be a product status change in your PIM system. It can be a timer, set on each evening to track changes in your PIM or ERP system and launch the creation or update of your retail documents (PDF and JPG). The marketing manager can start the batch process by uploading an excel file with SKU numbers and a template reference.


The purpose of 2imagine Pulse is to free up the time of marketing staff by automating the production of thousands of marketing documents. A single tool to create visuals for print and digital. Reduction of the number of approval cycles. Save cost and increase your speed-to-market with significant productivity improvements and fewer approval cycles. Using smart templates to create multiple variants, ensure regulatory compliance, and eliminate errors.


2imagine Pulse is a Self-Service model. Make it easy to create documents with custom and PIM product content. Let your stakeholders and users create ready-to-go documents without the need for in-depth graphics knowledge. Limited need for specialists to create Adobe InDesign templates and it can be done by your creative studio.

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