Quickly Creating a New Template: A Step-by-Step Guide

Crafting Templates Without InDesign: A User-Friendly Approach

Sometimes, you find yourself in need of a slightly different template. And perhaps you don't have an InDesign license installed on your desktop (or you simply don't feel like opening InDesign). So, what's the solution? Do you dial a helpline?

For Whom?

This post is tailored for the individuals responsible for templates. Typically, this falls under the purview of a communication team member with the 2imagine role of "manager" or "admin."

The Process Unveiled

  • Creating a new document based on your desired template, 
  • Adapt the document to serve as a new template, utilizing your snippets library if possible, 
  • Save the document, 
  • Download the document as an InDesign package, 
  • Upload this InDesign package back into 2imagine as a template, 
  • VoilĂ , you're done!

Exploring Beyond: More Possibilities Await

In one of the upcoming releases, as a manager, you will be able to save a document as a new template without the need to upload and re-download. Fewer clicks, faster results.

Queries or Doubts?

(*) If you haven't established a snippet library yet, don't hesitate to reach out to our service desk for guidance.

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