Streamlining Multilingual Datasheet Production: WolfOil Harnesses the Power of 2imagine Pulse

Empowering Automation for Complex Multilingual Product Documentation

In the dynamic world of product documentation, the efficiency of data management can be the cornerstone of success. Enter WolfOil, a visionary player in the automotive and industrial sectors, who has revolutionized their approach to datasheet production. With the deployment of 2imagine Pulse, the process of creating multilingual datasheets has been automated, propelling WolfOil's operations to new heights.

The Challenge: A Multifaceted Product Landscape

WolfOil, the driving force behind two prominent brands - Wolf and Champion, boasts an extensive product range catering to diverse markets including cars, motorcycles, agriculture, and industry. A robust product information management (PIM) system, inriver, forms the backbone of their data management strategy. However, the intricacies of their product line necessitated a mammoth task: producing datasheets brimming with product specifications in multiple languages for each individual product.

In their pursuit of perfection, WolfOil was grappling with a conventional database publishing approach, managed by an external agency and their desktop publishing (DTP) team. The sheer volume of datasheets required creation and updates at a scale that demanded a more automated solution. The goal was clear: to align their processes and leverage their inriver PIM system for optimal efficiency.

2imagine Pulse to the Rescue: A Paradigm Shift in Datasheet Creation

To tackle this challenge head-on, WolfOil turned to 2imagine Pulse - a versatile cloud service designed to streamline content creation and data management. The integration was orchestrated with precision, connecting multiple processes to the inriver PIM system. Adobe InDesign templates, enhanced with the Easycatalog plugin, were skillfully developed and seamlessly uploaded onto the 2imagine BrandPortal.

Within the inriver ecosystem, a tailor-made HTML page was integrated into the enrich section. This innovation enabled translators to effortlessly preview datasheets in any desired language, facilitating real-time quality checks. Expanding on this synergy, an API integration introduced triggers to automagically generate datasheet versions in multiple languages as soon as a product attains a predefined status.

The Automated Workflow: A Symphony of Precision

As product data enrichment unfolded within inriver, users could seamlessly request previews of datasheets to assess the ongoing work. Once all product data underwent thorough scrutiny and garnered approval, the status in the inriver PIM shifted to 'ready for publication'.

The catalyst for transformation was this status change. The transition triggered the 2imagine Pulse process, orchestrating the creation of language-specific datasheet versions for the product. The resultant PDF files were ingeniously uploaded into inriver and effortlessly linked to the corresponding products. The pièce de résistance? The entire production cycle was orchestrated in a fully automated manner.

The Promise of Versatility: Editability & Implementation

In the rare instance that revisions beckon, the Adobe InDesign files remain editable through the 2imagine online InDesign editor, accessible via any browser. For added creative control, a graphic designer can download the files, make adjustments within the Adobe InDesign application, and seamlessly update the server version of the documents.

Swift Transition, Lasting Impact: A Seamless Implementation

Harnessing the transformative capabilities of 2imagine Pulse, WolfOil's journey from challenge to solution was remarkably swift. Thanks to the adaptability and scalability of 2imagine Pulse, the implementation process was condensed into a matter of weeks, with WolfOil achieving production readiness in under a month.

In a landscape that values streamlined efficiency and multilingual precision, 2imagine Pulse stands tall as the catalyst for innovation, redefining how organizations like WolfOil automate complex content production. With this success story as a guiding light, the future of automated multilingual datasheet creation seems brighter than ever.

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