Consistent branding without a bottleneck

Tailormade software to ensure your city's branding



All our benefits lined up for you.

From no branding to a clear recognizable brand

From demotivation to empowerment of our employees

From scattered information systems to one portal

From outsourcing to company owned

Your challenges

Countless bottlenecks

All correction work comes back to the designer. Mistakes? Their responsibility. Everyone involved in the creation process depends on the designer’s right interpretation, and that while the clock is ticking.

Inconsistent branding

Different departments might use an alternative method to communicate. One might use InDesign; others might opt for PDF, Word or PowerPoint. How do you sort out this chaos?

Team spirit

Continuous corrections, discussions and back-and-forth emails dominate the correction process. Enable all stakeholders to create or edit themselves, all while you maintain control over your city’s branding.

Our solution

2imagine for Local Government

Our solution

2imagine for Local Government

Read how to co-create successfully

Case Study

Learn all the ins and outs of Kortrijk’s city brand communication in this extensive case study.

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