Adobe Summit—The Digital Experience Conference 2019

“Your customer experience is everything.”

Adobe president Paul Robson

2imagine and Adobe is a match made in heaven. So when Adobe holds an event in London, we’re sure to attend.

And wow, did we like it! The event showcased digital transformation, data-driven approach and customer engagement at its best. And, according to Mr. Robson, we’re only at the beginning of the massive digital transformation.

Unilever, illycaffè, BT all discussed how their teams took customer centricity to a new level, using high-tech to serve their customer.

The big unknown

All things digital are omnipresent. However, one of the oldest ways of communicating was barely touched at the Adobe Summit. Print.

It seems like print has become the big unknown. It seems like everyone knows how to tackle difficult online problems, but steers away from everything print related.

2imagine to the rescue!

Luckily, 2imagine can assist you in a taking your print to a new level. With our online Editor and BrandPortal, 2imagine guides you through the process of creating documents in a structured way. It doesn’t matter if you’re active in retail, agencies or own a brand, we can assist you in empowering all stakeholders to work together more efficiently on all branded documents.

On top of that, our powerful system can handle creating personalized print content based on the preferences of your users. AEM and print? no problem!