4 Reasons Why You Need Video in Your Retail Strategy!

Video in retail is a must! You can use it for your internal and external audiences. What's more? Video has a personal touch! Ready to go?

Communicating with both your customers and your employees has evolved over the past decades. Fewer messages are sent in print and television commercials don’t have as much impact as they used to have. So, it is then no wonder that retailers are moving over to video to communicate. Curious to find out why video is so powerful? Let’s go then!

Excellent for internal audiences

Video not only can be used to attract customers but it is also an effective tool to lure in potential employees. A retailer that does this extremely well is Switch. The Belgian Apple-reseller uses video within its HR policy. By doing so, Switch teases and attracts people who are interested in working in a technology-filled company. A working student, for instance, tells you in a testimonial what you can expect from working at Switch. In another video, Rik Vrancken, the founder of the company, explains in a few minutes what the firm is all about.

What’s more is that video can also be used for current employees. It proves to be a handy tool for internal communication. Jef Van Herck, Switch’s Retail Manager, uses short and self-made videos to keep the shop assistants, in the 28 stores across Belgium, up-to-date. These videos are ideal to keep everyone informed about the latest innovations, Switch’s strategy, values and so much more. In sum, short videos are an excellent instrument to keep everyone up to speed.

Customers become experts

Besides being an outstanding tool for internal audiences, video is mostly used for external audiences. And it proves to do a good job at that too! Let’s say, your audience is looking for a way how to use your product. Whether that is the latest laptop, a new item in your dairy aisle or new garden shears. You, as a retailer, need to cater to your audience’s needs and give them useful content. And video is the ideal way to do so!

Using a video to explain how your product functions is useful for multiple reasons. Firstly, your customers get to know everything in an informative and short way. Secondly, your viewers can hear your voice and can get to know the people behind your organization. And thirdly, videos reach almost everyone. Last year, more than 81% of Internet users spent their time on YouTube!

So, videos turn out to be an effective tool to not only reach your audience but also to teach them something. But most of all, videos are fun and are a gateway to a good relationship with your client!

A personal touch

Videos, as we’ve already mentioned, are perfect to give a face and a voice to your company. But you can even add more personality to your videos. How? By choosing to work with an influencer. Videos from influencers are a new approach to digital marketing that has increasingly become popular.

Customers are looking for an honest and transparent brand and influencers will help you tell that story. An influencer’s story about your business will come across as true and transparent. Their digital word-of-mouth will convince consumers about your brand’s added values and advantages. So, the only step left to take is to collaborate with someone that breathes the same values as you do.

People want more

However, posting videos does not pay off if you’re not doing it consistently. Zidis, a company specialized in videos, mentions that it is the ideal way to conquer hearts but that you need a stable video strategy to be successful.

Videos cannot be a ‘one shot’, you need to keep on communicating. If you want to make it, you need to have a plan, a strategy.

Yannick De Wael, Zidis

Consistency is thus key. And that’s something the YouTube community understands as well: viewers want frequency and consistency. It is then no wonder that people stop watching or stop looking forward to your videos if you’re not doing it frequently. Our tip to a consistent video strategy? No need to pinpoint an exact date or time, as long as you’re uploading new snippets regularly!

Video is the way to go

Standing out online can be tough. However, if you implement a strong video strategy, you’re off to great success. Video in retail is excellent to communicate both with external and with internal audiences. Besides learning how to use your product, your customers also get to know the people behind your organization. Moreover, influencers can help spread an honest and transparent story about your retail business.

Video is omnipresent and consumers are viewing them anytime, anywhere. So, you as a retailer, can therefore not lag behind. Video in retail is a must. Did we convince you to invest time and energy in videos? And why do you think video is such a powerful medium? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.