Who Is The Greenest Retailer of Them All?

You might have picked up on it already, but the environment currently is a hot topic in Belgium. Since the 10th of January, youngsters skip school every Thursday and demonstrate in the streets of big cities such as Liège, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven. They do so because they want politicians to take action. Above all, youngsters and students demonstrate because they want someone who takes care of our planet and of their future.

So, this might be the perfect time to focus our attention on green retailers and brands that try their hardest to care for Mother Earth and her resources. Ready to get green?

Ecover – Belgium

This Belgian retailer makes products such as detergent, laundry detergent, and products for personal hygiene. All of these products contain biodegradable ingredients of plant-based origin such as coconut oil, aloe vera or rapeseed oil . Above all, the minerals in their cleaning products are extremely gentle on sensitive skin.

The detergent is packed in plastic – you might already think that that is not very green. But, that’s what’s different about Ecover. Their packaging is made out of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. To stop the plastic soup in our oceans, their bottles contain ‘plant plastic’ which is made out renewable materials like sugar cane.


And their green thoughts are not just visible in their selection of products. Their philosophy and mission statement also reflect their vision of taking care of the planet. Not only do they fight for cleaner plastic, water and resources. Ecover also believes in a clean business: solely being profitable is not the goal of their existence. Above all, they are strong advocates for honesty and transparency.

We are committed to healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy business, and our latest B Corp score reflects all of our efforts.

Drew Fraser – CEO of People Against Dirty

Ecover is clearly on a mission to change the world. They do not only try to produce greener products but they try to change the reasoning of our entire society. We can all make a difference.

Dick Moby – the Netherlands

The Dutch company Dick Moby started its adventure by trying to make something positive out of all the plastic waste in the world. Back in 2014, founders Tim and Robbert, started a crowdfunding campaign to kickstart their green project. And that dream became reality!

From the frames to the leather covers and the cleaning cloths, sustainability is at the core of Dick Moby. Hence why the brand, for the production of their eyewear, collaborated with Mazzucchelli, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of cellulose acetate.

The black frames specifically are for 97% produced out of recycled acetate; Dick Moby makes the colored frames, on the other hand, out of bio-based acetate. To put it differently: Dick Moby makes their frames and sunglasses without using crude oil or toxic plasticizers. And reducing plastic pollution is not all the brand cares about. More recently, Dick Moby launched a collection that incorporates recycled metal.

We can clearly say that Dick Moby tries its hardest to reduce the plastic waste in the world. They use recycled materials, and create good-looking products. After all, sustainable products can be fashionable too!

La Maison Simons – Canada

The fashion retailer, based in Quebec, has been getting a lot of attention the last year, and more specifically in a good way. Last year in March, La Maison Simons opened its first net zero energy store. Yes, you read that right: net zero energy.

The store, with its 80,000 square feet, was formerly a space operated by American retailer Target. La Maison Simons however, completely changed the outlook and the carbon footprint of the building by implementing the latest green technologies.

Firstly, the net zero energy store gets its power from solar energy: La Maison Simons placed solar panels on the roof. However, you can also find solar panels on the roofs of car parking spots. In order to heat and cool its store, La Maison Simons uses a geothermal system that regulates the temperature. What does that do? This heating system taps into the energy of the earth, and by doing so, its energy efficiency improves by 60%!

In an effort to reduce the store’s energy consumption, a total of 27 geothermal boreholes were drilled into the ground under the parking lot — a pump pulls heat from the ground to heat the store or for cooling, extracts heat from the store and sends it back into the ground.

Craig Patterson – Retail Insider

When revealing the news of a high-tech net zero energy store, La Maison Simons also added that it would be implementing unique features. Peter Simons, Co-owner and President of La Maison Simons, concluded that building the first net zero energy store was the culmination of a voyage of learning and understanding. In sum, discussing your company’s roles and responsibilities regarding environmental impact is inevitable in this day and age!

A green revolution

The environment – and the impact of humanity on it – frequently pops up in the news. It is then no wonder that retailers start to take action in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Many businesses want to have a positive (less harmful) impact on the environment and they really try their hardest.

Are you up to follow the example of these green retailers? And if yes, what are the most important steps according to you? Don’t forget to share this post with your retail colleagues. And, as always, we’re happy to hear what you think.