Invest in a Digital Strategy as Allbirds Has Done

In our previous blogpost, we discussed the digital success of Glossier. The retailer focuses all of its efforts on creating a warm community where everyone’s opinion is welcome. Glossier tries to do so via social media, blogs, in pop-up stores and in brick-and-mortar stores. However, appearing in the streets, is not what the retailer is known for. Glossier made name because of its digital strategy.

Another ‘digital native brand’ to watch is Allbirds. The shoe producer makes comfortable, beautiful and sustainable sneakers. The sneakers are made of natural materials like merino wool, tree fibers or sugarcane. The retailer also uses recycled items such as plastic bottles or cardboard. And, that all for a reasonable price. Allbirds aims to reach millennials via different media and seems successful in doing so.

As you can see in the previous social media post, Allbirds clearly knows who its audience is and what their interests are. They connect with their customers and fans by publishing content that is close to their heart or that draws their attention. Erik Morton, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at CommerceHub underlines the fact that Allbirds is the perfect example of a successful digital strategy.

Allbirds has an innate understanding of the direct-to-consumer approach and has built a strong presence because they speak directly to consumers on the digital channels where consumers are most engaged. Traditional brands are following their lead and utilizing various digital channels outside of their website to reach consumers directly.

Erik Morton, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at CommerceHub

Consumer at the center

Allbirds was founded by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger. They set out to craft the ideal sustainable shoe, made of natural and recycled materials. But the duo did not only care for their products and selling. Building a community, in particular, was key to the founders as well: the brand interacts with its customers over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and even features customers’ content.

The brand not only forges a strong bond with her customers via social media but tries to connect with its target audience in their brick-and-mortar stores, as Paul Earle from Forbes underlines.

The company operates a retail store on the ground level of its main office, and all employees, from Brown and Zwillinger to junior staffers, regularly cycle through there as clerks and salespeople. This direct daily immersion helps Allbirds understand their fans, and allows them to experiment constantly with new ideas.

Allbirds demonstrates that a personal connection with its audience is key. From the CEO to marketeers and brick-and-mortar store employees, everyone gets in touch with the people that make Allbirds special.

Less is more

To invest in a digital strategy might seem challenging. You might want to tackle different social media, videos, blogs or livestreams. However, jumping in head first in digital communication is extremely risky. Let’s say, you aim to connect with your audience on all your social media. Doing so with the same message and format on all your media? Bad idea. Your clients get bored with you and your message.



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So, what did Allbirds do then? Well, the retailer focuses its efforts on just a few social media. There’s no need to bombard your audience with the same messages on all your media, over and over again. Paul Earle, Forbes:

In Allbirds’ case, they do simple well […] Simple also applies to the sourcing guidelines for their materials, and nearly every other element of the Allbirds brand and operations.

Simple, easy, and straightforward

Allbirds’ digital strategy focuses on simplicity. Customers are the focal point of the retailer. They deserve the attention of every empoyee of Allbirds. From marketeers to brick-and-mortar stores.

Furthermore, this simplicity is also reflected in the retailers’ communication. No flashy, screaming messages trying to convince customers to buy. Only simple, sleek designs filled with straightforward messages.

Allbirds partially owes its success to its strong digital approach. Are you ready to invest in a digital strategy too? Let us know and don’t forget to share this blog post with your retail colleagues!