Keep An Eye on This Digital Native Retailer

Digital native retailers are booking the most success. So why not follow the example of one of the industry's leaders? Keep an eye on Glossier's strategy!

Digital technology and social media have had a vast impact on the way the retail industry functions. People no longer engage in conversations in the same way they did ten years ago. Customer’s wishes, needs, and lifestyle change. People want to share their experience with others. They expect the company to take action, with the demands of their customers in mind. Keeping up with your audience is a must. That’s why digital native retailers currently are booking the most success.

Let’s take Glossier, for example. The beauty brand, only founded in 2014, has known a rapid growth spurt. Glossier simply took off with the blog Into The Gloss from CEO and founder Emily Weiss.

Via posts on her blog, Weiss build a connection with other beauty lovers. They shared their favorite products, ideas, and inspiration. That’s one of the strengths of Glossier. The beauty brand listens and caters to the needs, wishes and dreams of customers. “We stay in constant communication with real Glossier users to give you what you want”, as the website tells you.

What started as an idea, a community via her blog, Into the Gloss, has quickly become a business, a business the likes of which the retail industry has never seen before. Glossier is not e-commerce nor is it traditional physically-led retailing. It is what Weiss calls it, “emotional commerce”.

Forbes, Christopher Walton

Community communication

Glossier is a brand that arose because of its strong connection to its target audience. What better way to connect, than via social media or a blog post? The brand is very active on Instagram: Glossier’s feed includes posts of products, pictures taken by the community and even some jokes.

Instagram, however, is not the only social medium via which the brand tries to connect with its community. Glossier still publishes new blog posts regularly, reviewing the latest beauty trends and products.

The beauty brand has built a strong connection with its audience over the past few years and continues to do so. That’s why, besides from focusing much effort on online communication, Glossier has decided to open up a Flagship store in New York. The beauty brand’s CEO, Weiss, understood that retail is no longer about selling: “it is about conversation, storytelling and community building” as was said by the company’s spokesperson.

Glossier clearly is on its way to conquer the world with its strong digital strategy. It focuses on connecting with its audience via all sorts of media, such as blogs or Instagram. Furthermore, the brand discovered that retail is not only about selling. Retail is about connecting. Whether that is online, in a brick-and-mortar store, or via an omnichannel strategy.

Ready to follow Glossier’s example? Or are you following the example of any other digital native retailers?