Our last few days were packed with DAM!

One of the leading DAM (Digital Assets Management) vendors, Canto, held their “Canto DAM Summit” in Berlin. 2imagine attended the conference both as a visitor and as a speaker.

General consensus of the interesting 2 days: DAM is never a stand-alone application.

“2imagine brand management with online editing, integrated with a DAM system, is absolutely needed for every marketing organization and brand owner if they want to be efficient in their production”

By a marketing manager attending the 2imagine presentation.

DAM as the heart of an organization?

Organizations frequently implement DAM as a place where all stakeholders can find and use assets. Above all, it enables easy collaboration by assigning and commenting on assets.

However, you book the best results when you integrate your DAM with a PIM (Product Information Management), CMS (Content Management System) and other Marketing Automation Systems. The role of the DAM is centralizing master images at the best possible resolution. And that while keeping track of versions and defining which assets can be used by the organization. The result? All communication channels use consistent images at the required size, resolution and meta data.

2imagine and DAM?

This strategy is a match made in heaven for 2imagine. We use a “best of breeds” philosophy. Often, we notice that our clients connect their 2imagine environment with a DAM system.

During our session, we explained how marketing organizations can be more efficient. These organizations can also speed up their production process by facilitating all stakeholders with editing possibilities to all (InDesign) documents. And all of that can happen while maintaining a controlled brand identity. When connecting 2imagine to a DAM system, your efficiency increases even more. Our presentation “Skyrocket your marketing collaboration and production process” attracted a full house. Moreover, many perceived our talk as extremely interesting.