The results of Adobe MAX 2018

The results of Adobe MAX? An eye-opening event about experimenting, the latest technologies and creativity! Read the insights of 2imagine here!

Almost two months ago now, 2imagine attended the biggest creativity conference in the world, namely Adobe MAX. At the invitation of Adobe, we attended the conference. There, they demonstrated the 2imagine solution for packaging at the Adobe Third Party Integrations booth. Our CEO, Jos Claes, had an amazing time. His days in Los Angeles were filled with inspiring speakers from differing industries and personalized gadgets. Moreover, he had a hands-on training with the latest Adobe technologies. Sounds like fun, right? But, what are the results of Adobe MAX, you may ask?

Now, a few weeks ago VIGC, together with Lab9 and Adobe, organized their yearly event in Antwerp all revolving around Adobe MAX, called ‘After Adobe MAX 2018’. The event consisted of recaps of ground-breaking Adobe presentations. And, it was the perfect opportunity for the industry’s leaders to network. Of course, 2imagine was also present to share their experiences about Adobe MAX. Jumpline’s Jos Steutelings also shared an interview they had with Jos Claes about his Adobe MAX experience. The insights of the biggest creativity conference in the world?

Grab every opportunity with both hands!

As experienced by 2imagine’s CEO, Adobe MAX is unique and an almost once-in-a-lifetime conference. So, important is to grab your chance. That’s what we did as well. Jos Claes: “We were also surprised by Adobe’s invitation. Roughly a month before Adobe MAX 2018 started, we had a meeting with a few directors and business developers from Adobe. They were very impressed with our web-based Illustrator packaging solution and insisted that we’d attend the event to showcase our solution!”

An amazing opportunity for our packaging solution, if we may say so ourselves. Jos Claes: “Before the event, we provided people at Adobe with additional information such as product sheets, demo material and, of course, our USPs. And then, the Adobe marketing machine did its thing!”. Whilst doing these demos, many people experienced the difference the 2imagine packaging solution can make. They also saw that our editor is easy to use for those without any Adobe InDesign experience.

Attending Adobe MAX is a fantastic opportunity. Besides having the possibility to showcase what your business is all about, it also serves as the ideal time to network with colleagues from the same industry. So, if you ever get the chance to demonstrate your solution at a big event, grab it with both hands!

Technologies definitely impact the graphical sector

As we already discussed in our blogpost, called “Buzzword alert @ Adobe MAX”, buzzwords were omnipresent at Adobe MAX 2018. Many companies or business throw around fancy words like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and AI (Augmented Intelligence). And, most of the time, these words remain buzz as well. A lot of brands still do not know how to implement the latest game changers. However, other industries use these latest innovations to make the life of their customer easier. And in our CEO’s opinion, that’s exactly how you should implement these technologies.

Jos Claes: “Adobe is already using Sensei to make the experience easier for every user. They are, for example, implementing AI and ML (Machine Learning) into Sensei to find pictures in Photoshop without the use of any language […] Applications and technologies will become more and more intuitive. In short, Adobe wants to make the life of the end user easier”.

The latest technologies are changing the game, and here, at 2imagine, we’re aware of the fact that they could heavily impact our products and services. So, we’re definitely keeping our eyes wide open to investigate the impact of AR and AI on 2imagine.

Print remains important

Many have already proclaimed the end of print and hailed the arrival of the newest technologies. However, the print company isn’t going to become obsolete in the next years. Jos Claes: “Printers still remain specialists when it comes to reproducing. You need graphical knowledge and the right material for that. On the other hand, the world has become bigger and competitors are luring around the corner”.

Innovative thinking and flexibility are a must if you want to survive in the print business. And, don’t worry if you’re still using print material. We are too and print still is an important aspect of brand’s marketing campaigns! No brand or retailer can survive without folders, flyers, brochures, witty billboards and innovating posters. Print isn’t going to dissapear any time soon. Print is here to stay!

So, what’s next?

2imagine is very much looking forward to the future. Firstly, we’re focusing our solution on retail: we want to help the industry to create catalogs with ease. Jos Claes: “Secondly, we aim to integrate our solutions with other parties such as DAM systems or Online Translation applications. Last but not least, there is the 2imagine solution for packaging, demonstrated at the Adobe Third Party Integrations booth. People with no background in graphical programs such as translators, editors, photographers and so on, have difficulty working with the standard programs like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. Most of the time, feedback happens on post-its, scanned documents and emails. Utter chaos. But, 2imagine has a solution for all that disorder. You can simply edit documents in your browser, but all of this still happens in a controlled environment, so cohesion across channels guaranteed!”

The results of Adobe MAX? An extremely useful conference. We learnt where we’re standing at the moment and what is trending in the industry. We discovered many interesting ideas and had the chance to share ideas with several people from Adobe and other big companies.

We’re ready for the future of AR, VR and AI. We’re ready for the future of print. And, most of all, we’re prepared to help others experience the difference of 2imagine solutions.