Buzzword alert @ Adobe MAX

Day two at Adobe MAX was filled with a lot of interesting speakers and many sessions have already passed in review. Speakers like Ron Howard, director, Albert Watson, photographer, and Nicola Scott, comic book artist, inspired the audience to always try to be creative. Creativity is omnipresent here at the biggest creativity conference in the world. However, being creative is not only limited to design, graphics or art.

Creativity has also had an enduring influence on the latest technologies like VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). We know, a lot of buzzwords in one sentence. A lot of companies and brands are talking about implementing these technologies in the products or services they provide. Much talk and little to no action. But lately, something has changed in the industry. People are realizing the benefits and possibilities of technologies like VR, AR, AI and ML. They have come to recognize the opportunities attached to these technologies. So, it’s only fitting to talk about these innovating and disruptive high-tech techniques in today’s blogpost.

Adobe, 2imagine and AI?

Yesterday, our CEO, Jos Claes, had the opportunity to immerse himself in the development of the industry’s latest innovations. He had a one-on-one discussion with Terry Henry and Bill Marino, both members of the Adobe Sensei team, the AI/ML department of Adobe. They explained how their Adobe Sensei project can drastically improve Adobe’s products and eventually third party integrations.

Adobe has made some very interesting improvements to their AI project. Sensei detects the foreground and background in an image and can crop or cut out the necessary parts of any image. Moreover, Adobe Sensei can detect if a logo is present in an inputted image. What’s more, the high-tech solution suggests a caption for every image. Sounds amazing so far, doesn’t it? We’re extremely excited about these evolutions and are ready to hear about the future of Adobe Sensei.

Is this the real life?

Other technologies that keep on surprising and inspiring us, are VR and AR. You might think, aren’t these just fun to play with in games? You’re partly right. VR is extremely fun to play with. Think of the PlayStation VR or the easily portable Oculus Go. VR, however, isn’t limited to your living room. Telenet created a VR gaming room, called the Playground in Antwerp, and demonstrated perfectly that VR is an experience.

But these high-tech techniques have much more to offer than games. For example, 2imagine’s latest collaboration with WebPac has allowed customers to view their online creations in 3D. Customers can create a design in Illustrator and they can then open our Adobe Illustrator plugin. By doing so, they can edit their design from any device and from any browser. Next, the customer can preview their design in 3D on their desktop. Finally, 2imagine provides the possibility to showcase your design in AR via an iPhone application so you can see what your design looks like in real life!

Curious to see what this looks like? Come and find us at the Community Pavilion, at the third party integrations. 2imagine is demoing its Adobe Illustrator plugin and you can come and be creative with it!

Just buzzwords?

To be honest? To some extent, yes. Some companies and brands still think they can convince customers just by throwing around some fancy words like AR and AI. However, other industries use these latest innovations to make the life of their customer easier. And in our opinion, that’s exactly how you should implement these technologies.

Moreover, 2imagine’s philosophy is to make the life of our customers easier by providing the best user experience. However, will technologies like VR, AR, AI or ML still play a part in the customer’s user experience? Only future will tell.

For now, these technologies still remain to be just buzz – at least for many companies. We’ll leave it up to you whether you should delve deeper into the space of ML, AI or AR. So, to conclude day two here at Adobe MAX, we’ll leave you with this nice print. (No, print isn’t dead and yes, you can still do immensely creative stuff with 2D prints!)