Dream Bigger @ Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX, the biggest creativity conference in the world, kicked off in full force yesterday. The opening keynote was phenomenal! There is something magical about a massive room, filled with more than 10.000 people that are in awe of the impressive video wall, the graphics and the presentations.

Start to dream bigger

However, at Adobe MAX, there is much more to do than listening to and learning from interesting keynote speakers. Adobe MAX is all about experience which is something you’ll definitely notice when walking around. You can get customized notebooks, T-shirts and much more! You can even get a picture with Spiderman! Besides personalized products and interesting speakers, you also have the opportunity to experiment with the latest Adobe technologies. In the Community Pavilion, you can get a hands-on training and can start to dream bigger with the most innovative third party integrations from Adobe.

But besides having fun and learning from the industries’ innovators, Adobe MAX is about networking and making the right connections. Networking is immensely important: you can learn new techniques and you can make new friends in the industry. And 2imagine did! We’re happy to have strengthened our relations with Adobe by giving in-depth presentations to Jonathan Ferman (Group Product Manager, Creative Cloud Partner Platform at Adobe) and Minson Chen (Strategic Partnership and Marketing at Adobe). Both were extremely enthusiastic about our online HTML5 editor.

If you want to experience our online HTML5 editor for yourself, come and visit us at Adobe MAX! 2imagine is located at the Community Pavilion, the large Adobe booth at the back. Make sure to check out the desk “3rd party integrations”. If Los Angeles is just a bit too far for you, you can always experience the atmosphere at the Community Pavilion in this video.

So far, so good!

So far, Adobe MAX has been incredibly much fun. Learning new techniques, making new friends in the industry and experimenting with the latest technologies. What more do you want? Adobe MAX breathes creativity and keeps inspiring the creators.

Want to get as much information as possible about our Illustrator solution? Check our website and book a meeting with our experts. We’re also proud to announce that our plugin is currently featured by Adobe.

Need more information about the Creative Ecosystem at ADOBE Max? Adobe created a Spark page for that!